Gems & Reward?

by Tonia Emrich

Personality Gems

There are so many different people who care about different things.  And over the years, I have studied many different personality philosophies, mainly because I wanted to learn more about myself and how to better relate to others.  Bottom line: people interest me.  One of my favorite ways of looking at personalities is by the simple GEMS system Dani Johnson developed.  There’s no real winner or loser with this philosophy.  Everyone is beautiful and full of potential.  This particular teaching emphasizes four personality types:

  • RUBY – strong leader, results-oriented, goal-driven, Take charge!
  • SAPPHIRE – people-person, good-time oriented, free spirit, Life is a party!
  • PEARL – helper, feelings-oriented, compliant, Save the whales!
  • EMERALD – analyzer, fact-oriented, rule-driven, That makes sense! 

And I don’t hear a lot of people talk about how our personality type would help or hinder us from relating to God.  No really, this is a serious question.  Does it matter what personality type you are?  Does it affect how you relate to God and how God relates to you?

Gems & God’s Love

I associate with the nuTeam.  This team believes in the unimaginably overwhelming love, grace, generosity, and goodness of God.  It is powerful to feel a sense that there is someone who created me with specific gifts and abilities for a purpose in this life.  And it is wonderful to accept that in the times when I lose sight, that my Creator is still faithful and cares for me, whether I fulfilled my purpose in that moment or not.

It is wonderful to know deep down to the very core of my being that I am loved unconditionally.

But if God’s love is so unimaginably good, what then do we do with it?  Given one’s particular personality type, how does one use that love?  Do they use it to accomplish something great (Ruby)?  Or, use it to freely enjoy life (Sapphire)?  Maybe one uses it to help others find peace (Pearl).  While, others analyze the effects of love to better understand how it works(Emerald).

IMG_0551If this love is so limitless, the possibilities are limitless as to how we demonstrate this amazing love!  Sadly, it’s been my observation that many continue to act as if this great love excuses their poor actions and the predictable outcomes.  And even sadder, blame God for those consequences.  Because I’m a Sapphire/Ruby, I wonder why some encounter this love and continue to live in ways that do harm.  It puzzles me.  I get it that we slip up sometimes.  But to encounter such love and not be changed by it…?

Shiny or Tarnished Gems

I believe, “God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”  I also believe that this same God is an extravagant giver to those who will “Suffer for the sake of justice.”  So, I hold a deep belief that there has to be a reward for being the true gem God’s created us to be.

If the God that I love, who loves me too, is so extravagant with his love, wouldn’t this God also be extravagant with gifts and rewards?

I just watched the Super Bowl 2015.  The Patriots beat the Seahawks in the final two minutes, and took the trophy home.  It was thrilling!  Watching these two teams compete made me think about the struggle in life.  When sports teams battle for the prize, it’s clear who’s opposing who and why.  But as individuals, the opponent and eventual prize is far less obvious.  For me, the most formidable foe we all have in common is the gem killer inside.  In other words, our own ego.  The New Testament writers would call this “The Flesh.”  I’ve come to understand that “the flesh” is an unhealthy ego that does more harm than good.

For me, the ego is the imperfections that weaken any gem and keep it from displaying its strength and beauty.

The ego is not the true identity of the individual.  It is a falsehood that is embraced due to a lack of love, security, and honesty.  In short, there is great benefit to understanding one’s hardwired personality, one’s strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing this helps us to shine like the gems God created us to be.

Learn more about yourself, your strengths and weakness by checking out:



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