The Art of Forgiving Yourself

The Wholeness Journey

I was baking recently (not a task that I undertake regularly) when I realized that the recipe called for powdered sugar, which I did not have. I called a neighbor to borrow the missing ingredient. My lovely friend had granulated sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, but no powdered sugar. She would have graciously let me borrow any of these, but none were a suitable substitute.

I tell you this story to set the stage for self-forgiveness. It’s a good place to start because we’ll never be able to truly and wholeheartedly extend forgiveness if we’ve not learned to accept the same. Like my neighbor, who would have shared anything in her kitchen cabinet, you can’t give what you don’t have. You can offer some close substitutes, but never the real deal.humble_gift_by_marielliott-1024x940

So what is it that you’re holding against yourself?  And what purpose does it serve?  What are you afraid…

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