How Would God Answer Your Questions?

By Tonia Emrich

If you could have some face time with God for the express purpose of getting some answers, what questions would you ask?  Supposedly, you could get any answer to anything, right?  After all, he designed and created absolutely everything.  So, what would you ask him?

If you arrived at an interview with God, what kind of God would you meet with?  What would be his demeanor, his disposition, or his attitude to you and your questions?  Sometimes the portrayal of God is one of someone who is frustrated with humanity.  Would he be short and detached with his answers?Ask 1

Other times God is portrayed as somebody who has the need to control everyone but can’t.  Would he ignore your questions, and just talk about whatever he wanted to talk about?

Sometimes, God is portrayed as ANGRY and ready to just torch the whole Terra Nova project that HE started!  Would he storm out of the interview leaving you sitting with your many questions?  One view I have often encountered is one in which God is partial to certain people and plays favorites.  Would God say he’s too busy to meet with you, and then book an interview with someone else?

Well, I came across an interesting video that does not come from any of those angles. Curious?  I could try and summarize it for you, but I won’t.  It’s better if you just watch it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.  I hope it helps you understand who God is in a better light.  And, who knows, maybe a fresh perspective of what God is like may be enough to get a few of your questions answered in the present…

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  1. why are you so hard on our family, we go to church often, and do good for others ,but yet we suffer from cancer, brain injury, and a host of other problems, It is like a dark cloud is on top of us…WHY?


  2. That is an interesting question Dale… And here is a thought for you… Do you believe God is the one who is giving out cancer and all the dark things that affect you? Is God purposefully making your life difficult?


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