The Art of Forgiving the Unforgivable

The Wholeness Journey

For me, the Bible is often comforting, guiding, and inspiring. But there are times when it leaves me completely befuddled.  One of those instances is when Peter asks Jesus how many times he sIMG_0628hould forgive a brother.  He assumes that seven is a pretty stellar number.  But no!  Jesus says seventy times seven.  Ouch!  Really?  After struggling with this concept and trying desperately  to practice it, I’ve come to this conclusion: Jesus offered Peter (and us) a way to rid himself of angst and resentment.  He wanted his soul to be free!  Thus, forgiveness had to be a lifestyle.  But what about those things that things that are so heinous that they leave us raw?

Sue Patton Thoele, in The Woman’s Book of Courage, paints the landscape of forgiveness in the following excerpt:

We all have people in our lives we need to forgive—for our own good…

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