The Art of Forgiving God?

The Wholeness Journey

Yes, that’s right.  I want to talk about forgiving God.  Whenever I bring up this concept, whether in a counseling situation or in a heartfelt conversation with a friend, it provokes a myriad of reactions.  Often times, people feel it is somewhat sacrilegious to even consider forgiving God.  Others feel that they “deserve” whatever pain they are suffering, as though God has ordained suffering as penance.  Whatever the case, I have seen many people, including myself, find peace and freedom in the simple acknowledgment that they are holding something against God.Danger-Expectation

Now, to clarify, I believe that the need to “forgive” God stems from our expectations of God.  I’m not saying that God has necessarily done something “wrong”.  I’m simply saying that, in many of life’s circumstance, God has not lived up to our expectations.  To shed some light, I will share a very personal story from my own journey.

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