Resurrection Every Day!

By Luke Emrich

The Gospel readings during the Easter season are about the resurrection appearances of Jesus, and many of them have to do with daily life: Thomas doubts and needs to touch Jesus’ wounds; the nets are pulled ashore overflowing with fish; the disciples on the road to Emmaus recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread; Jesus breathes on them the gift of the Spirit; and of course there is the celebration of breath and fire at Pentecost.  In all of these stories, there is a sense of generosity and abundance, of caring for physical needs, and of finding relief deep in the soul.

Beyond bunnies, baskets, chocolate, and jelly beans, Easter calls us to the profound PRACTICE OF RESURRECTION in our everyday life.  Prior to Easter, Lent calls us to simplicity and the re-centering of our lives in grace.  But afterwards, the THIRD DAY takes this task a step further by calling us to the generous CELEBRATION OF LIFE!

Aliveness Overflowing!

6a00d83452358f69e200e551f208018834-800wiResurrection is about entering the fire of GOD’S PASSION FOR LIFE and letting it burn brightly.  It is about feeling alive and free—releasing fear and anxiety over what is to come, and embracing this moment here and now.  Resurrection calls us to the full experience of being alive, to claim the beauty of living, and to let gratitude for aliveness overflow.  The awareness of resurrection in our daily life allows us elongate each and every precious moment, tasting a bit of eternity in the here and now.

Imagine if, during the Easter season, we each took on a few practices like these:

  • Make a commitment to recognize the many signs of life all around you—trees budding, flowers blooming, birds chirping, grass turning green, ants on the sidewalk, the sun overhead, and more.
  • Reject compulsive “busyness” as a badge of pride and see it for what it is—a way of staying asleep to your own deep longing for peace and rest.  Resurrect contentment and peace in your heart and mind.
  • Pause regularly.  Breathe deeply.  Savor one thing in this moment right now. Resurrect joy and delight through fragrance, texture, reflections, song, taste, laughter, sleep, etc.
  • Any time you begin to hear the old voices of judgment rise up—whether criticism or denial—pause and breathe.  Then stand firm against those voices that Jesus put to death, and tell them you will not give them life either.
  • Play some music you love, and dance.  Resurrect the art of celebration!
  • Every day, at least once, say “Thank You” for the gift of being alive.  Every day, at least once, remember the One who created you and then exclaimed, “That is so very good.”

It’s one thing to believe in the resurrection of Jesus and celebrate it once a year.  It’s another thing to PRACTICE RESURRECTION DAILY.  Do you believe God wants you to love the GIFT OF LIFE as much as he does?  What will your practices of the resurrected life be like this Easter season and… beyond?

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