I’ve seen plenty of tears shed through the years, and I’ve cried an ocean of my own.  We all have, haven’t we?  Of course, everyone goes through those seasons when they’re wilting in a tearless drought.  But every once in a while something happens or hits you just right, and the backlog of hot tears gush forth.  When the skies open under your eyes, the deluge is impossible to hold back whether you are alone or in public.

I found myself fighting the embarrassing flood this past weekend as I sat listening to a song right before I had to stand center stage in front of a sizable group of people.  Believe me, crying at that moment was the last thing I wanted to do.  The song was “Scandal of Grace” written by Matt Crocker and Joel Houston of Hillsong UNITED, known famously around the world.  I have to say, personally I feel my wife (who was singing the song live) pulled it off with superb brilliance rivaling any live performance to date by anyone. But hey, I’m a bit biased, right?

When I took my place at center stage (fully composed) with all eyes staring at me, it was apparent that I had not been the only one dealing with untimely tears.  It’s safe to say everyone was touched by the lyrics about grace.  Obviously, I was too; but more than the lyrics of grace, I was deeply moved by the word “scandal.”  Put together, the two words form the intriguing phrase “scandalous grace.”

I have a lot to say about scandalous grace, too much for one short article.  Instead of filling your news feed with a series of wordy sermons, I thought it more fitting to share a short video with you (embedded below; just click play).  I first heard Tony Campolo’s story 23 years ago when I was in school training to be a minister.  I’ve never forgotten it, retold it many times, and I’ve always strived to live it—even if it meant being branded as scandalous.

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To watch the video on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

Check out The Kingdom Of God Is A Party by Tony Campolo

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