Strings Attached

Who are you?  What makes you who you are?  Do you frequently feel pushed and pulled upon to be something you are not?  Who and what best helps you return to the center of your true identity and purpose in life?  Is it possible to find a security and stability that lasts?

For everyone, these types of questions are always playing in the background of our minds and hearts like the humming of a refrigerator.  We don’t notice it, until we are up late one night unable to sleep, and suddenly the refrigerator sounds so loud!  When everything is good, we rarely notice these thoughts, but when we get restless, these questions are impossible to tune out.

String Puppets

In response, some of us become very loud in our search for answers, talking with anyone who will listen.  Others become very quiet, silently wrestling to find answers or to work at insulating themselves from the constant droning.  More commonly, most of us bounce back and forth between quiet wrangling and loud searching.  Adding to this bouncing motion, there always seems to be bigger outside forces pulling on us as if we were nothing more than a helpless string puppet.  The Apostle Paul alluded to this when he confessed, “For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate” (Romans 7:15).pinokyo

If you are relating to what I’m talking about, be at peace.  You are normal.  Just like Paul, we all experience the push and pull of things we don’t fully understand.  What if I were to suggest to you that we may never really understand all the influences at work in our lives?  Would that discourage you?  What if I added, though we may never fully grasp these things, we can nonetheless come to find our true selves.  How?  By learning how to work with the unseen strings we seem to be tethered to in life.  If you could learn this, would your discouragement be lessened?  Would you feel more hopeful?  Do you think you just might get more out of life?

In the next few days, I’m going to share with you some very simple insights which have helped me get the most from life no matter what kind of pushing and pulling is happening to me.  Remember:  though we may never come to fully understand everything at work inwardly and outwardly in our lives, we can reach a place where we begin to make it all work for us.  For instance, I don’t understand how my refrigerator works.  I’m sure it’s really not that difficult to grasp, but I’m more concerned with how my refrigerator works for me.  The same is true with my car.  I make sure the regular maintenance is done not so I can understand my car better, but so when I turn the key every morning it takes me to where I need to go.  That’s really all I want.

So what do you want from life?

Would you like to do less wrestling with the invisible strings animating your life, and live more in the performance you were destined to star in?  If so, I invite you to stay connected for the next few days.  In very basic terms, I’m going to unpack something for you that is so simple yet incredibly profound you’ll never see yourself or your life the same way!

Once you see it, you’ll see it everywhere!  You’ll see it, and you’ll know that you’ve always known it was there, just like the sound of your refrigerator humming.  However, no longer will you be frustrated by the constant hum.  Instead, you’ll be encouraged by it.  You’ll know that everything is working as it should be, and working so you can get what you need in life when you need it.  Furthermore, you’ll never again feel the need to fight with the push and pull everyone experiences.  Instead, you’ll know exactly why “strings attached” can work in your favor and actually serve to help you get to the place in life you were destined to be in.

Details Soon To Be Announced!

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