Finding Balance

6a0133ec87bd6d970b017d3f7c5a39970cHave you ever played with a spinning top or toy gyroscope?  Now days I doubt many kids have, but when I was young there was at least one plastic top buried in every toy bin.  And once it was retrieved and spun, the miracle of motion and balance was put on display for a thrilling but brief moment.

Unlike their cheap counterpart, gyroscopes have a bit more going on.  Their crazy balancing feats are supported by numerous axis points allowing them to entertain and mesmerize on a whole other levGyroscope_operationel.  Now days, their simple, yet amazing mechanics have been put to good use keeping planes, ships and the Hubble Space Telescope stabilized even under the most harshest of conditions.  And, if you are reading this on your phone or tablet right now, an internal electronic gyroscope is keeping this article oriented correctly on the screen no matter how you may be holding your device.  When it comes to staying balanced or correctly oriented, gyroscopes are indispensable.

Wouldn’t you love it if there were a gyroscope for life that would help keep you upright and centered no matter the circumstances or situations?  Such a thing would be a Godsend.  Well, guess what?  You are in luck because there actually is such a thing as a gyroscope for life!  OPPORTUNITY ALERT BELOW!

Finding Balance In Life

If you are like me, you’ve heard lots of teachings about “how to surrender” and “how to submit” and “what exactly one needs to do in order to find balance in life.”  And all those types of teachings had good points of instruction.  But the problem for me was they always seemed to focus heavily on the copious amounts of energy I was to exert in order to remain correctly oriented with my identity, purpose and responsibilities.  Sure, I was often told that if I surrendered to God, he would supply me with the necessary energy, but what exactly does that look like?  How does it work?  And what about all the other strong pushes and pulls working on and within me each and every day?  If God uses all these forces to work things out for good, how can I best participate?

For years I struggled to understand and correctly apply the concepts of surrendering and submitting in order to live peacefully balanced in the center.  Perhaps you can relate; I know many can.  One night I had my breakthrough moment while dreaming about playing with a spinning top.  Quickly I awoke, grabbed my laptop and searched for a YouTube video about gyroscopes.  There it was, the answer in a simple toy!  And suddenly, I began to see how the mechanics of the gyroscope have been built into all of creation and even within you and me!  Yes, I’m talking about a natural centering inertia which is already present to help stabilize, balance and even navigate life with!  What’s more, this inertia is available to everyone, anywhere, and at all times!  And when you see it, you will understand how simplistic it all truly is!

Do I Have Your Attention?

Would you like to know more?  Then plan on joining me for a simple 45-minute online seminar soon.  It’s FREE, there’s no homework and you don’t even have to leave your home to participate.  Be watching over the next few days; I’ll tell you how you can reserve your free spot!


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