More Than Skin Deep

You are who you are.  Your likes and dislikes, your life experiences and the various tastes and influences you’ve encountered have all helped to shape who you are as a unique individual.  You also have certain responsibilities, needs and wants which have added to your uniqueness.  However, you are more than your job, more than your possessions, and more than the pub burger or beverage you may be craving right now.  The body’s needs are important, but below the skin lies the soul—the invisible body which embodies who you truly are.


The ancient Hebrews believed the soul was located in the blood, and this is why they never ordered their pub burgers medium-rare.  The sacredness of the soul in the blood was to be honored at all times, even when cooking and eating.  The Hebrews also believed that like blood, the soul rested just below the skin’s surface and it flowed to every part of the body.

APCrafters_burger_splitAs it travelled deeper and deeper below the skin’s surface, they believed it carried life’s experiences and influences to certain body regions where they were translated into emotions and desires that the physical body could instinctually communicate with and respond to.

This insight led them to determine that certain parts of the body tended to store specific emotions, such as—love and hate lives within the heart, compassion and conviction in the lower abdomen, stubbornness and willingness in the neck, strength and discouragement in the arms, anger and praise in the hands, acceptance and rejection in the feet—just to name a few.

In short, the Hebrews viewed the soul as being a life-enriching carrier supplying passion, drive, intellect and will-power to the body and its senses.  However, they also rightly discerned that the soul is an undiscerning carrier that needs more than random life experiences, various instructions and influences.  In other words, it needs a reliable, enriched supplier.  And, this supplier needs to be able to transfer higher truths and deeper realities in a format that the soul can easily disseminate for the body to feel and manifest.

The Hebrews saw the spirit as residing in the breath.  And as breathing fills the lungs and supplies the heart with oxygen, they believed that without the spirit’s inhaling/exhaling one would get become sick with soulish, stagnant emoti15-heart-symptoms-s2-heart-disease-warning-signons and perceptions.  Therefore, for a person to live healthy and prosper, the soul always needed to be amply nourished and kept in motion.

For your blood to flow properly, it must allow the heart to pull it to the center of your chest.  From there,  your lungs and heart work in tandem to supply the blood with oxygen, purifying it and keeping it in motion.  In the same way, the spirit ensures that all the soul’s emotions, ideas, and motivations are freshly re-supplied, re-freshed and re-circulated.

So, what should you do to take advantage of the inherent synergy of the soul and spirit?  Simple!  Relax, breath and patiently let the soul and spirit do its thing.  The soul’s passion and drive are needed.  The spirit’s inhale and exhale is needed.  Assist them by breathing deeply while focusing on gratitude.  Then, just as you effortlessly let your lungs and heart function daily, simply let them do what they do.

When it comes to the practical things you can control, endeavor to make healthier choices, practice good emotional hygiene, and be flexible enough to move with life’s natural flow—externally and internally.  You can accomplish this by not holding onto problematic emotions, influences or ideas that could become septic over time.  In short, practice breathing in the good and exhaling the bad.  An easy, pop culture place to start would be putting into practice the iconic words of The Beatles, “Let it be.”

There’s so much more I want to share with you.

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