Untether Your Heart…

The Wholeness Journey

I found this little gem in an obscure place this morning. Or maybe I should say that it found me! I pass it along to you as a blessing of peace, rest and wholeness.

Untether your heart, my child,
and you will see the beauty unfolding within you and around you.

Untether your heart from the past.
Do not allow it to hold you captive and determine your future. Hear it’s wisdom and let it go.

Untether your heart from unmet expectations.
Holding on too tightly often breeds hopelessness and it will wear you out. 

Untether your heart from stories that do not feed your soul.
These are usually told by the ego. Look for the ones that encourage and lift you up. Refuse to hear the ones that don’t. 

Untether your heart from offense.
The ability to hear the Divine is muffled by thorny grudges. 

Untether your heart…

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