What is nuSoul all about?

nuSoul is based on the simple prefix nu.  Interesting, right?  So what is nu all about?

nu |n(y)o͞o|


For starters, with language it’s the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, and the Latin “N.”  In pop culture it’s used as an informal re-spelling of “new,” especially in names of new or revived genres of popular music (nu-metal bands, nu-disco, etc.).  In statistical mathematics, it’s the Roman symbol “v” used as a degree of freedom—in physics for spatial frequency—and in molecular science as the vibrational mode of all matter (a true anomaly in all orbital elements, which is really cool!).  In short, it’s a lot of things, and on a sub-atomic level nu is everywhere—in you, me, and in the universe around all around us!


That’s a much easier question to answer.  It’s a “new” way of seeing life, the Divine, ourselves, others, and the world.  It’s about finding a new openness and freedom to see what you haven’t seen before—to taste life, hold, feel, and love the very Essence of Life!  There is nu to be found in you, others, and in everything!  In short, nu is a celebration of the divinely placed beauty and goodness we encounter everyday, but aren’t always aware of.  More than something you can simply read, study, and learn about, discovering nu is a transformative experience leading to a nu seeing and being!

Feel free to explore the nu-pages on this site.  Watch the videos, reflect on the articles, and check out of some of the links.  As you do, be fully present; you’re bound to encounter nu!


We’ve learned that nu can’t be completely experienced alone.  Sure, you can lock yourself away and hope for the best, but there are others on the same quest as you!  With this in mind, be sure and check out our exclusive group nu-programs.  There’s sure to be a premium group nu-program that appeals to where you are at in life right now!

Exclusive Premium nuPrograms:




Looking for something nu?  Talk with us!

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